Housing for All Plan of Action Plus (HfAPoA+), Berhampur city, Odisha


The Berhampur Municipal Corporation, with the support of GIZ, has prepared the Housing for All Plan of Action Plus (HfAPoA+). The plan preparation process involved close coordination with a city level Working Group and other stakeholders. HfAPoA+ is a pioneering attempt that tried to approach housing as a sector, and to develop synergies with other programmes (hence the ‘Plus’ after HfAPoA). In order to achieve the goal of providing affordable housing in a sustainable manner, it combines the current ‘problem solving approach’ with strategies pertaining to regulatory, institutional and governance aspects. Since city development is a dynamic process, HfAPoA+ is to be treated as a living document that needs updating related to policies, programmes, and data at regular intervals. HfAPoA+ is not meant to be an elaborate or an in-depth research heavy on surveys. Instead, it relies on the understanding of the work done so far in the form of plans under different programmes and projects. To a large extent, data from different timelines available from several plans, missions, and programmes is used for both analysis and integration purposes.