International Symposium 2018– Reimagining Inclusive Cities – Planning, Land, Housing, Infrastructure

Roundtable Report

GIZ had partnered with the Housing & Urban Development Department, Government of Tamil Nadu, in organising a two-day International Symposium. The objective was to provide a platform that would bring in global knowledge and experiences to facilitate the ongoing dialogue to strengthen the existing policies related to housing and land. Deliberations were held on issues pertaining to urban land and its availability for the affordable and rental housing as two critical instruments. The event brought together national and international experts to promote knowledge-sharing across cities and states. It showcased innovative housing policies, programmes, and initiatives implemented by various states in India, and provided an opportunity to promote cross-learning among the state governments. It also brought in international experts from the regions of South-East Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe, to present good practices and lessons learnt on augmenting land and infrastructure supply for affordable housing, urban and housing finance, new technologies for smart planning and expanding access to rental housing.