SUKALP - Sustainable Urban Knowledge & Actionable Learning Platform is a response to an identified need for ‘focused’ information exchange and synergies on urban planning domain in the Indian context. With an overload of information on the internet, there is a need for a credible platform to serve as a resource centre for learning and advocacy material, important Government orders and policies, case studies including best practices, training and capacity building modules, workshops reports and publications. 
SUKALP is a collaborative effort of GIZ 'Sustainable Urban Development - Smart Cities (SUD-SC)' grantee partners in India, with CRDF, CEPT University acting as a custodian. Initially, SUKALP shall comprise of the following organizations:

  • GIZ GmbH (Mentor)
  • CRDF CEPT University Ahmedabad (Anchor, Member)
  • CPR New Delhi (Member)
  • ICRIER New Delhi (Member)
  • IGIDR Mumbai (Member)
  • Anna University, Tirunelveli (Member)

This effort, to create a brand-new network is being done with an objective to explore the creation and hosting of knowledge material that leverages thematic research and contributes to the overall knowledge base of integrated and sustainable urban development in India. The platform shall encompass thematic areas such as spatial planning, urban infrastructure, affordable housing, climate change & resilience, urban governance among others. Through this platform, the network will also advocate for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its targets for Indian cities to achieve by 2030. 

Need for 'Curated Knowledge' on Urban Planning and Sustainable Development 


The urban landscape in India has evolved rapidly over the last decade and is expected to grow further in the coming years. By 2030, it is estimated that India will have more than 10,000 cities/towns representing 42% of India’s population and shall contribute more than 70% of the national GDP (MoHUA, NITI Aayog, 2020). 

With limited technical capacities and human resource constraints in ULBs/State departments, the national/regional/local technical and research organizations provide critical knowledge and sectoral expertise required for urban planning and development. In this process of providing research, technical, and advisory support to ULBs/State/Central government for formulation, roll-out and effective implementation of programs and schemes, these organizations generate and collate important knowledge products such as policy briefs, case studies, research reports and other learning materials. 
In such a scenario, it is essential to create a 'Community of Practice' in the field of integrated and sustainable urban development by setting up a knowledge platform and exchange network. This platform shall connect peer organizations and provide them an opportunity to co-produce relevant knowledge and draw out the needs of cities to national decision makers and regional stakeholders. 

In coming years, SUKALP is expected to grow into an organic and growing collaboration of credible national organizations, academic and training institutes, resource centres, consultants and sector experts. This shall enable a multi-disciplinary view on various themes that SUKALP offers, with the member organizations building on each other’s expertise.