Strengthening Coimbatore city plans – The perspective of waterbodies and informal settlements

National Case Study

This report explores the sustainability of water bodies and its linkages with the informal settlements in the city of Coimbatore, followed by development of a set of recommendations for integrating the findings from these explorations with the city level plans (Housing for All Plan of Action, Smart City Plan, etc.). This study serves as a reference to (i) provide recommendations to improve the existing development projects, schemes, and plans, (ii) builds awareness and capacity among authorities and decision makers, and (iii) initiate advocacy to move towards more sensitive, informed, and resilient choices of development and planning.

The approach is anchored on understanding the embeddedness of the city systems (man-made/engineered as well as natural) to the regional determinants and drivers of development. This helps evolve intervention strategies that address the fundamental issues and not merely address symptomatic issues. This is especially critical in the case of water systems and natural system structure.