Plan OK Please 2021


  • Symposium
  • 28 Sep 2021 - 29 Sep 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 05:30 PM (UTC +05:30)
  • Delhi
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CEPT Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), CEPT University, Ahmedabad and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH India are organising an Online Symposium 'Plan OK Please' on 28 - 29 September 2021 to facilitate dialogue and exchange ideas on resilient, integrated, and economically-wise spatial planning practices in Indian cities.  This is carried out under the GIZ-supported 'Sustainable Urban Development – Smart Cities' (SUD-SC) project.

'Plan OK Please' 2018 & 2019

The 'Plan OK Please' symposium was first organised by GIZ India in partnership with the Government of Tamil Nadu in 2018 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  In 2019, GIZ India and the Government of Odisha organized the second 'Plan OK Please' symposium in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It was resolved to make 'Plan OK Please' an annual event for advancing the concepts of integrated spatial and land use planning and management in Indian cities and to make it India's largest discussion platform for the community of Urban Planners.

About 'Plan OK Please' 2021

The theme for 'Plan OK Please' 2021 is 'Cities and Pandemics - Rethinking Urban Morphologies', keeping in mind the drastic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic upon the cities across the globe.  The pandemic has challenged the business as usual approach.  Urban planners, policy, and decision-makers are rethinking the form and function of the city to enhance the cities' resilience to the effects of the pandemic and make them more sustainable and productive in the long term through inclusive planning. 

It comprises of four sub-themes:

Sub-Theme I: Rethinking Urban Governance and Policies

Sub-Theme II: Rethinking Urban Spatial Planning

Sub-Theme III: Rethinking Nature-Based Infrastructure Solutions

Sub-Theme IV: Rethinking Affordable Housing

The 'Plan OK Please' 2021 aims to facilitate peer learning between various countries and shall bring in a series of international experts showcasing cases from India, Brazil, South Africa and Germany, to present best practices, successful pilot programs and lessons learned on urban governance and policies, resilient and integrated spatial planning, and affordable housing.  The knowledge exchange platform developed by CEPT Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) titled 'SUKALP - Sustainable Urban Knowledge & Actionable Learning Platform' will also be launched during the symposium.

To register, fill the registration form with your details. Subsequently, you will receive an email with the online link to join 'Plan Ok Please' 2021.

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