CEPT Conference

Urban Design in India

CEPT Conference is a platform for young Urban Designers to talk about their work & build a network.

08 May 2024
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Welcome to the Second Edition of the CEPT Conference on Urban Design in India!

As our cities evolve, urban planners and designers emerge as pivotal changemakers, crafting vibrant spaces that enhance our quality of life.

Recognising urban design as a distinct profession, local bodies are now appointing dedicated urban designers for the strategic design and implementation of public spaces.

This year’s conference, Implementing Urban Design, addresses the multifaceted challenges of India’s diverse urban landscape. From engaging local communities to ensuring equitable infrastructure access, the event spotlights collaborative governance as a key to successful urban transformation.

Join us as we convene urban design experts to share insights on overcoming obstacles and celebrating achievements in project cycles. This platform is a convergence of ideas, experiences, and lessons that will enrich professionals, academicians, and students, fortifying the urban design narrative in India. Let’s shape the future of our cities together!


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