CEPT Conference

Urban Planning in India

CEPT Conference is a platform for young Urban Planners to talk about their work & build a network.

11 May 2023
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The First CEPT Conference on Urban Planning in India!

Register yourself for the first CEPT Conference on Urban Planning in India to make planning work for Indian cities.

Join us for the CEPT Conference – Urban Planning in India, organized by CEPT University and CEPT Research & Development Foundation (CRDF). India is the second largest urban system in the world but faces challenges with unplanned urbanization. This conference aims to bring together urban planning professionals to discuss successful master plan implementations, innovative planning strategies, and challenges faced. This year's theme is "Making Planning Work for Indian Cities". Don't miss this opportunity to learn and collaborate towards creating liveable cities.


Meet The Speakers

Debaraj Kalita

Mr. Debaraj Kalita

Town Planner, GMDA, Guwahati
Deepa Dave

Ms. Deepa Dave

Deputy Manager Urban Planner, City Planning Department, AMC, Ahmedabad
Dinkar Samant

Mr. Dinkar Samant

Development Adviser, Former Chief Architect and Planner, CIDCO, Maharashtra
Ganesh Ahire

Mr. Ganesh Ahire

Senior Urban Planner, Associate, HCP
Vishwanath Sista

Mr. Vishwanath Sista

OSD, Land Pooling, Former Member (Planner), HMDA, Hyderabad
Hiren Daftardar

Mr. Hiren C. Daftardar

Town Planning Officer, Former Deputy Chief Planner, MCGM, Greater Mumbai
S. Kanchanamala

Dr. S. Kanchanamala

Senior Planner, Master Plan Unit, CMDA, Chennai
Leenu Sahgal

Ms. Leenu Sehgal

General Manager (Planning & Architecture), NDA, Noida
V K Phatak

Mr. V K Phatak

Former Principal Chief, Town and Country Planning Division, MMRDA, Mumbai

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